How to play Fortnite bingo is pretty simple

How to play Fortnite bingo is pretty simple

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How to play Fortnite bingo is pretty simple, as there’s only one rule that you need to follow: get the items on the bingo sheet. Complete lines up and down, across, diagonally, or the entire sheet. It’s up to you and your friends to choose which rules you want to use.

Most Fortnite bingo players are using the Playground limited time mode to play privately with friends. The higher number of drops makes it easier for Legendary items to appear, and you don’t have to worry about enemies or a quick-moving circle spoiling your fun. However, Fortnite bingo can also be played in a competitive environment, where enemy players can act as an additional obstacle. Think of this as the “hardcore” version of Fortnite bingo!

Fortnite Bingo: How to Get the Bingo Sheet

Getting your hands on a Fortnite bingo sheet is pretty simple. The one above was created by YouTube user Lachlan, but you can grab your own from community forums like Reddit, or use an image editor to make your own. (You could even just write a list with a pen and paper, as it will still work the same!)

The free v bucks generator no human verification nintendo switch Playground mode has resulted in a lot of crazy creations from fans. Fortnite bingo is a simple idea, but works really well. Get a friend or three together, make sure everyone has a copy of the sheet, and then race to win!

Fortnite season 7 started we are greeted with a giant iceberg smashing

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So once season 7 started we are greeted with a giant iceberg smashing into the islands southwest shores and once again, giving us a massive terrain change from tilted to what WAS flush factory. The most noticeable thing about our new frozen neighbors is that right off the bat we notice a research group has put up equipment and vehicles ALL over the island. This is also the same group that sent AIM to warn us about the oncoming storm free v bucks generator(or spy on us, I’m not sure yet). However the biggest change of all the iceberg itself, polar peak. It houses a castle with a mysterious and possibly threatening king known as the ice king.

At first we could only visit the top part of the castle since it hadn’t melted yet, but we soon notice that the ice is melting, revealing more castle each day. However, this wasn’t something necessarily good, as things got stranger the more it melted. Our first red flag was that the ice king has a chunk of the the meteorite. Our second red flag was just your average dragon egg chilling in the castles dungeons. Now it was proposed by a redditor (I can’t say who because it’s been passed along so many times, I just know it’s not me) that it wasn’t a coincidence that the iceberg crashed on OUR island. They said that the ice king was coming for something, something he needed, that we had.


It was theorized that the ice king needs A LOT of energy to hatch those dragon eggs and we think that’s why he has a piece of the meteor, is because it’s still flowing with energy from the hop rocks. But it wasn’t enough, so now he needs more energy, and what has a crap ton of energy on our island? You guessed it! Pieces of Kevin.

But unfortunately this is where our story must come to an end, because we’ve reached the present day. So until more happens free vbucks no human verification, this is it !

What are your thoughts on this Redditor’s perception of the storyline? While some players feel as if Fortnite Battle Royale does not have sort of storyline, it’s definitely an interesting discussion to have based on the above.

Backpack Kid is suing Epic Games over Flossing dance .

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Over the past month or so, we’ve seen a slew of different artists and celebrities file lawsuits against Epic Games, the creators of the incredibly popular Fortnite, for copyright infringement, claiming that the developer stole their dance moves without credit. While the world waits for an answer from the courts, one real-life lawyer, a YouTuber named LegalEagle, has done some research and weighed in on the issue.

Of course, I won’t spoil the fascinating video, which you can check out at the end of the article, but he goes into exactly what’s protected by copyright law, what cases could set a precedent for the issue, and which side he thinks will win the cases. It should be noted that ever lawyer interprets the law differently, so you shouldn’t take his word as gospel per se, but it’s nice to get a professional opinion on the record through all this mud slinging from Epic fanboys and free v bucks no human verification haters.

Right now, rapper 2 Milly, actor Alfonso Ribeiro, and celebrity “The Backpack Kid” are suing Epic Games, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that list increased over the next month or so.

Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Fortnite’s Copyright Dance Scandel

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Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, former “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro, and Instagram’s “Backpack Kid” all filed suits this month against Epic Games, saying the developer copied each of their trademark dance moves, put them in “Fortnite” as an animation, and sold them to millions of players, without permission.


But can you copyright a dance? Who is Backpack Kid? What is “Fortnite?” There’s a lot to unpack here.

Epic Games To those familiar with video games, developer and publisher Epic Games isn’t simply the company behind “Fortnite.” The company may most recently be best known for its massive hit, but before there was “Fortnite,” there was “Gears of War.” The company was, for years, known as the creator of the popular Xbox exclusive shooter “Gears of War,” which was headed up by developer Cliff Bleszinski. And even that wasn’t entirely accurate, because, for much of the company’s history, its big money maker has been the Unreal Engine. The Unreal Engine is proprietary software that the company created and regularly updates for use by other game developers to make their own creations.

The success of “fortnite v bucks generator” can actually be traced back to a key decision that Epic made in 2012, when it shifted away from big, boxed, marketing-driven games to a more agile company willing to give away a lot of content.

In a case of the chicken or the egg, the decision to shift to what was known internally as Epic 4.0 was driven in part by the years-long development of “Fortnite,” which began as a small indie title inside the studio, and lessons learned there, Sweeney said back in 2016.

The realization that “Fortnite” would do much better as a free-to-play, evolving game led Sweeney to realize he had to change the direction of the company. “I would describe it as seeing the writing on the wall,” Sweeney said. “There was an increasing realization that the old model wasn’t working anymore and that the new model was looking increasingly like the way to go.”

NBA Live 19″ breaks new ground as the first professional sports game

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  • NBA Live 19″ lets men and women play together on mixed-gender teams, a first for a professional sports game.
  • “Live 19” also allows you to make custom female players for the first time, and both custom characters and real-world WNBA players can mix it up with the men in the game’s streetball modes.
  • Last year’s “Live” was the first basketball game to include WNBA teams, but they could only play against each other.
  • In “NBA Live 19,” women feature more prominently in the game’s core modes, but there’s still a long way to go towards equal representation in these games.

This year’s “nba live mobile hack” breaks new ground as the first professional sports game to offer mixed gender competition, continuing a progressive trend from developer EA Sports.

Equal representation of both genders has been a struggle for the video game industry, with major developers often more interested in pleasing core male gamers than engaging the ever-growing audience of women playing video games. But EA Sports has quietly been taking strides to create games that reflect a global athletic community and include women competing at the highest level of their respective fields of competition.

EA Sports’s NHL franchise was the first to allow female create-a-players in a professional sports game in 2011. In 2015, EA added 12 international women’s teams to “FIFA 16,” another first. The following year, female fighters entered the octagon for “EA Sports UFC 2,” with Ronda Rousey, the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion at the time, sharing the cover with Men’s Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

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UFC2 Rhonda Rousey

Rhonda Rousey was a cover star for “UFC 2,” which featured a full career mode for women fighters.

So, maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise when EA announced last year that “NBA Live 18” would feature all 12 WNBA teams and their rosters.

The move was announced just a month before the game’s release, but came as a welcome addition for fans of the WNBA and women’s sports in general. It was the first time WNBA teams were included in a video game in the league’s 21-year history. However, the WNBA teams were limited to only playing each other in the game, and the announcers did not reference specific players during commentary. Despite their inclusion, the WNBA portion of the “NBA Live 18” seemed more like a fun novelty than a part of the core game.

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NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19/EA Sports

“NBA Live 19” addresses this issue by placing women front and center in the game’s career mode, dubbed The One. Players can create and play as a woman or man, and are placed alongside mixed gender teams of NBA and WNBA players. As a game mode, The One is focused on building the best possible streetball team to dominate courts across the world. Facing off against different stars will allow you to unlock them for your team,

here is what we know about the Instagram Algorithm

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This is something I felt as a social media marketing professional (and someone who has personally grown their Instagram to over 11k followers) I previously struggled with this platform, despite overconsuming courses, guides, and keynotes about how to grow on it. It wasn’t until late 2017, when all of the hullabaloo surrounding Facebook starting to come to light, that I decided to start taking it seriously because, honestly, I was fearful; if Facebook were to sink, I’d lose my entire livelihood. Nobody wants to be a one-trick pony, so I decided to start improving my Instagram knowledge and make a solid effort to hit a substantial follower count within a relatively short time frame. What I wanted to do is see what was possible as far as strategic growth within the platform in a relatively short amount of time. Like the good student I am, I did my homework before hitting it hard – reading what the current acclaimed “experts” were saying about Instagram and how to hack it for fast growth.

Much to my surprise, a lot of the existing information about how to grow an free instagram followers instantly that I found talked more about the “content” and less about the actual strategy (what you need to do) behind the platform. There ARE A LOT of great resources by Insta-famous, Instagram influencers (models, bloggers, photographers, etc.) about how to build a visually attractive Instagram feed that highlights your personal brand and style. With the common advice being this: follow a color scheme, treat your Instagram like a micro-blog and document your lifestyle, use professional quality photographs, be inspirational in your captions, and if you are not yet getting sponsored posts, post as if you are, tagging brands etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong; this advice is EXCELLENT if you want to know the general info on how these mega-influential, Instagram model accounts come to exist. I would agree 100% with this advice – for anyone who is hoping to turn Instagram into their full-time career, who is ALREADY in the fashion and lifestyle arena, and IF you really have the time (and money) to invest in this sort of Instagram venture. I am certainly not going to poo-poo on the potential that exists on Instagram just to “do Instagram” – but in the same breathe, I would say that most of these suggestions are not practical for someone with a business (unless their business is going to run primarily via Instagram) or for ANYONE whose goals are outside of Instagram, and who are viewing Instagram as one part of a greater online marketing plan.

It also came to my attention that, for some reason, not many people were actually talking about the Instagram Algorithm.
This is shocking, almost, because, when it comes to understanding Facebook and how to be successful on Facebook, “The Algorithm” is depicted as a mythical beast that must be tamed by the knights of lore – if ANYONE wishes to have success on the platform. It has been “known” in the social media industry for a long time that knowing how to play ball with the algorithm is really the secret to success. Because when you know the algorithm, you get reach – and reach equals visibility, and visibility equals growth. Huzzah! Right?

But, yet, for some reason, people tend to forget about the algorithm when they talk about Instagram. This is ironic on various levels as Facebook is the sole owner of Instagram and they have (rather quietly) been gradually applying the same proven algorithmic rules to Instagram ever since they acquired it in 2012.

And honestly, I have to credit 100% my learned experience with the Facebook algorithm; that allowed me to quickly grow my Instagram following from being stuck (for years) in the low thousands to over 11K very shortly over 6 months!

Talk to your kids about how to spot and avoid “Fortnite” scams

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V-Bucks generators. V Buck generators” are one of the biggest online “Fortnite” scams. These are often websites that offer people points for watching or clicking on ads, and these points can supposedly be traded in for free V-Bucks within “Fortnite.” Not only do these free V-Bucks never appear, these sites often try to collect people’s Fortnite usernames and passwords or have them take surveys where they submit personal data under the pretense of verifying that they’re human.
Fake domains. Similar to V-Bucks generators, there are also tons of sites that offer free V-Bucks or trick people into buying fake ones. These fake domains mimic developer Epic Games’ and Fortnite’s real styles, colors, and fonts to fool people. Some even put “Fortnite” in the URL. These sites also collect personal information, but they often go a step further in directly charging a credit card or bank account.
Social media scams. One of the most popular ways that scams are spread is through social media. Fake sites and V-Bucks generators often encourage people to share their links to get more points, which helps expose the scam to more people. Plus, these links often direct users to suspicious apps and malware that can also target your kid’s personal information.
YouTube video scams. Similar to link-sharing scams on social media, there are tons of YouTube videos offering free V-Bucks and more. These fake videos and accounts have millions of views and send gamers to other sketchy sites.
Fake Android apps. After Epic Games made the controversial decision not to offer their Android app in the Google Play Store, scammers took advantage by putting up fake “Fortnite” apps. Although they’re designed to look like “Fortnite,” they’re really data theft and malware distributors in disguise.

Tips to avoid getting scammed

Talk to your kids about how to spot and avoid “Fortnite” scams and other scams online. Here are some tips to keep your kid’s information private and your money safe:
Be cautious when you give out private information. Tell kids to check with you before filling out forms, quizzes, registration pages, and the like on a website or app. For older kids, teach them to think carefully about why a site or app might want your data.

What is Head to Head in FIFA Mobile?

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FIFA Mobile has come with a gameplay engine upgrade, a complete visual gameplay overhaul, and the introduction of one of the most requested modes by users: real-time Head to Head.

FIFA Mobile is available to download now internationally, and you can view the trailer for the game below.



fifa Mobile hack 2018 has had a solid revamp, with improved graphics and new gameplay features.

Player models are more realistic and feature more authentic faces for the world’s biggest stars, and the animation fidelity within the game has been significantly enhanced.

In addition to general in-game graphic updates, FIFA Mobile features new and improved player celebrations – having upgraded the fluidity of existing celebrations as well as adding new ones, including dabs, backflips, and more individual player-specific celebrations. FIFA Mobile also shows the individual personalities of each of the world’s best players be it with their on-pitch playing style or mannerisms.

The latest iteration of FIFA Mobile also includes an improved physics engine that creates authentic physicality between each player, with realistic jostles and on-pitch interactions. Animation quality and control on defence has also been altered, allowing players to dominate the pitch on defence as well as in attack.

Defensive skills have also been given an upgrade, with FIFA Mobile introducing a new selection of skillsets including the step-over, lane change, and heel-to-heel. A new free kick system enables players to bend the ball just like the pros by tracing the ball trajectory across the smartphone screen.

1000 FREE V-Bucks offer for Xbox gamers is live – Be Quick!

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So this deal is ideal if you’re a non-Gold member that’s interested in playing the free-to-play Fortnite phenomenon. It’s also an amazing deal in and of itself, since usually, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold membership would set you back £15.

So this deal is half price and comes with 1000 V-Bucks (which would also usually cost you £7.99)

So that’s £23 worth of items for £6 – head to your Xbox One and click through now!

The deal has arrived in time for the start of Season 7 of Fortnite – which seems due to launch this week.



The free v bucks no verification Season 7 release date is set in stone and will start tomorrow, Thursday 6th December.

However in the lead up to the games big Season 7 Battle pass launch it seems as though the games first set of skins have leaked ahead of time.

Normally we would see this happen with the launch of a big new update or datamined by the many Fortnite leakers on twitter.

However, this time, it’s from a far more official source and would suggest that these new skins are indeed 100% legit and coming in the next few days.

That’s because this new leak comes via the Apple iOS store, who appear to have uploaded an image teasing Season 7 way ahead of time.

These outfits are likely the default ones we see with each seasons new battle pass, but they also match up with the teaser images we’ve seen in the games teaser posters from the past few days.

For instance, the character in the middle looks like the cowl from the first teaser poster, whilst the one on the right looks like the skin for Tuesday’s teaser poster.

You can see these skins and read more about Fortnite Season 7 at the link.

don’t get ripped off: ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ is a free game

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don’t get ripped off: ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ is a free game

The most popular game of the year, “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” is a free-to-play download, but that hasn’t stopped retailers from getting in on the rush. Every major video game seller, from GameStop to Walmart, has a variety of “Fortnite” bundles for parents to buy, at a variety of price points.

But don’t be fooled: “Fortnite” itself is a free download, and probably always will be. The sale of V-Bucks, an in-game currency, are how “Fortnite” makes its money, not charging for the game itself.

The bundles just add additional perks to the free game, including free vbucks no human verification — the premium in-game currency — and special cosmetic items for players. In other words, when you buy a “Fortnite” bundle, you’re not paying for the game, you’re paying for these bonuses.

These bundles should be clearly labeled for what they are, though at least one Australian on Reddit noticed that his local games store had placed a sticker on the case that could confuse the matter by covering over the fact that it’s merely a code for some “Fortnite” extras. So, be careful out there.

That’s not to say that “Fortnite” bundles don’t have value. The included V-Bucks can help unlock paid content in the game, but buyers should be aware that the game is free to own and play without any monetary investment whatsoever. Though it can take a while, players can earn V-Bucks by playing the game over time, and unlock the items they like without paying.

Being free-to-play has helped “Fortnite” amass over 200 million playerssince it launched in July 2017, and creator Epic Games said that 80 million players are playing on a monthly basis. The game reportedly earned more than $300 million in revenue during May 2018, primarily through V-Bucks microtransactions.

The demand for the Fortnite currency has risen as more players get interested in the game, leading scammers to target young “Fortnite” players with ads for free V-Bucks. Epic Games forbids the sale of V-Bucks from unverified shops, and also bars players from selling their accounts to other players. A feature for trading premium items with friends is currently undergoing testing with select players, but has not yet been formally rolled out to the game at large. Ultimately, this means that you shouldn’t trust anyone trying to sell V-Bucks or in-game items.

At the risk of confusing the matter further, it’s worth noting that there isa separate, paid game mode for “Fortnite,” called “Save the World,” that actually predates the ubiquitous “Battle Royale” mode. If you want to play “Save the World,” it costs $30, and doesn’t come in any of the existing “Fortnite” bundles you find in stores. It’s also worth noting that “Save the World” is far less popular than “Battle Royale.”

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