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FIFA 16 News


When you first begin playing FUT 16, the game will ask you to name your team; you’re free to change this name at any point. From there you will receive a roster generated at random. The first thing that will stand out (in addition to a lack of superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo) are the bronze, silver or gold card backings for each player. This designates a player’s overall skills. A player with ranking anywhere between 0-64 is bronze, a person ranked 65-74 is silver and finally, players with ranking 75-99 are gold. The latter represents the best players in FUT 16, and you must know each person’s attributes (speed, passing ability and so forth).  You should name one of these players the captain of your team (this does not improve the team per se, it’s merely a cool feature) and build around this person.

Additionally, over time you will amass more silver cards. When this happens, begin to dump the majority of weaker bronze players and replace them with silver teammates. Meanwhile with card packs, the color you buy (again, bronze, silver or gold) means the majority of players and assets falling into this particular color will appear. In other words, you won’t find many bronze cards in a silver pack. Ideally, you want to save up coins to buy as many silver and gold card packs as possible.

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