Players search online “free v-bucks”. And while we can’t test every site, or be clear every one is a scam, gamers are advised to stay well away.

But there are probably no free v bucks no human verification ios free V-Bucks. Epic cautions against using them – as you would expect.

The only places you can buy V-Bucks are stores like Epic’s own in-game marketplace, or through services like the Microsoft Store.

If you try using these services then you could either lose your account or end up being spammed constantly.

As with any scam, these sites work by asking for your username. You’ll progress through a series of screens that will show the alleged generation of free V-Bucks, and in the site we tested a free game upgrade too.

However you’ll also be asked for more information. In our case that was the requirement to verify that we were a human by completing a number of offers. These were for things like “win the iPhone XR” and “win 5Kg of Nutella”.

Both tempting offers. However the likelihood is that these are also just data scraping companies, looking to harvest information about you. The end result is that you’ll end up putting in loads of personal data.

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