the excitement of playing Mobile Legends hack, it turns out there are so many heroes with stories or lore that is very interesting to read and understand. However, do you know if there are some heroes whose stories are related to each other? There will be a total of ten hero Mobile Legends that have interrelated story backgrounds, and this time will discuss their story and background. Let’s go straight aja we read the article about hero Mobile Legends are interconnected
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1.saber and alpha
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For the first pair of the legendary Mobile Legends hero list is a future cyborg duo Saber and Alpha! Saber was a cybrog created by combining a hundred skilled swordsman DNA. While Alpha is a weapon by combining human and space meteorolite. These two heroes are the creations of a crazy professor who is in the lab of 1718. Both are created with the aim of becoming a biological weapon in order to achieve a certain goal.
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You could say Saber is the brother of Alpha because Saber was created first. Then after Saber decided to leave because he wanted to find a match that was comparable to him, Alpha was created to replace Saber. However, Alpha does not want to obey the will of his creator, and he decides to fight. In the process of resistance that Saber came to help his sister escape from the laboratory by splitting space and time to make his way to the land of dawn. From there begins the adventure of the sisters begins
2.valir and gord

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